BARC ESG & Sustainability Reporting Study

BARC ESG & Sustainability Reporting Study

On April the 18th Solitwork had the opportunity to be part of the BARC online event launching their study „The State of ESG & Sustainability Reporting“.

Besides taking part in the panel discussion, we also provided a sneak-peak into our ESG Carbon Accounting solution. BARC is an independent research and software analyses company, which also provides holistic concepts for data implementation & analytics as well as architecture and technology.

Some interesting insights from the study

More than 250 participants from different industries took part in the international study.

  • 42% of the interviewed said that the lack of data quality and data reliability are some of the biggest challenges for them in running ESG reporting, while 36% stated that they struggle with too many different data sources. 32% said that the lack of resources is one of the biggest challenges in this regard.
  • 66% of the interviewed see potential for improvement in training existing employees, while 44% see the need for collaboration with external experts. 43% see potential in improving the data literacy.

If you are interested in reading the whole study, please feel free to download.

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