AFC Advanced Analytics

AFC Advanced Analytics

Automate manual processes and become more accurate

AFC Advanced Analytics replaces tedious processes with Machine Learning based solutions and delivers high quality answers to your questions in real-time, on a no-code and fully managed platform that lets you customize the models to fit your business needs. AFC Advanced Analytics automates your processes where rule-based solutions are not enough

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Key features

Real time credit scoring

Get real time risk management with our highly precise and transparent credit score. Developed in collaboration with credit managers to adapt true domain knowledge in the model’s decision making.

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Rethink your manual, subjective and time-consuming forecast process by basing it on capabilities from machine learning and AI. With Machine learning you will get a configurable and ever-learning model.

Compliance made simple

Ease your concerns about regulatory compliance with an always-on system constantly scanning your financial statements for suspicious patterns, human errors and fraudulent behaviour.

Cash Application

Say goodbye to manually intensive cash application processes and match your payments with open invoices in an automated machine learning based solution.

Customer cases

Explanable credit score model for credit managers

A world marked leader with-in Bunkering and ship supply was looking for a data driven solution that could back up its credit managers with accurate, insightful and objective credit scores on their many debtors with transparency to dive into risk factors on each debtor

High frequency forecast with driver-based forecast

A publishing company wanted to change the forecast cycle from quarterly to monthly rolling forecast without adding additional internal resources to the forecast process.

Respond faster on market trends with end-to-end solution

A large technology company wanted a seamless solution to identify key business trends, accelerate actions with a task board integration and an automated follow-up analytical tool that optimizes effectiveness of efforts.

Real-time KYC treasury compliance monitoring of bank transactions

A large group had an urgent need for a solution performing ongoing compliance screening of incoming bank transactions that allows for seamless and user-friendly interaction with users throughout the organization and delivering real-time reporting to stakeholders. The solution drives compliance transparency and KYC reporting to management and financial institutions.
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Analytics, Forecast & Consolidation are the main areas of our expertise. We provide state-of-the art core services, built on Microsoft Azure technology. Click the area you want to read more about.

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