AFC Planning

AFC Planning

Rethink the financial planning process

AFC Planning provides driver-based, high frequent rolling forecasts and budgeting where scenario planning is made easily, and with as many parameters as wanted. With AFC Planning the whole financial planning process is optimized, is transparent and is consistent throughout the Group and across departments/management areas. Combine this with the many capabilities of Machine Learning and you will have a scalable, dynamic, repeatable and everlearning planning process.

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Key features

Rolling forecast

Minimize manual forecasting and budgeting by replacing it with driverbased capabilities, which allow a high frequency rolling forecast. Supports all levels of top and bottom-up financial planning approaches

Scenario planning

Manage scenario planning and urgent need for decision making

Solid process

Manage the financial planning process with workflow management to ensure transparency, consistency and a clear audit trail

Machine learning

Rethink your manual, subjective and time-consuming forecast process by basing it on capabilities from machine learning and AI. With Machine learning you will get a configurable and everlearning model

Customer cases

Financial plan iteration with scenario planning

An international food producer, one of the most trusted brands within infant nutrition, was looking for a solution that could support the FP&A team with a more dynamic financial planning process with a short cycle for developing new financial scenarios in their discussions with the management team

High frequency forecast with driver-based forecast

A publishing company wanted to change the forecast cycle from quarterly to monthly rolling forecast without adding additional internal resources to the forecast process

Solid financial planning process

A leading logistics Company’s FP&A team felt it was lacking a good overview of the financial planning progress and managed the financial planning process through emails and shared drives. The team was looking for a solution that could give them a better way to manage the process and thereby save time

Machine learning in your financial planning

A Nordic market leader within the fresh food industry had an ambition to rethink there manual and time-consuming forecast process using Machine learning

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