Ensure transparency of data
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AFC Business Finance automates the financial close process supporting both internal and external financial statements, including future cash flow.

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We’ve got the answers

Key features

Automate the financial close process

Automate the financial close process by establishing near real time data loads from ERPs processed by consolidation rules, ensuring full audit trail visibility in both internal and external financial statements.

Vertical analysis and drill through

Achieve flexibility in vertical analysis as demand for data changes by establishing relevant dimensions and allocation matrixes, including possibilities of drill through.


Inspect and identify areas of noncompliance by focused analysis on customer payment terms, VAT handling, credit limits, transfer pricing and other group measuring points.

Optimize and analyze future cash flow

Optimize cash flow by working capital improvements driven from actions on inappropriate payment terms and a focused cash collection process. Forecast the future cash flow for better decisions.

Customer cases

Complex financial statements

A family-owned group with a business strategy of highly frequent M&A processes needed a consolidation tool supporting the strategy. First of all, the tool should be able to create external financial statements, including notes, considering legal entities with changing ownership structure during the year, mergers, goodwill etc. Secondly, the tool should ease the onboarding process of a new investments.

Vertical analysis model covering large group

A large group operating the same industry needed one way of measuring the whole business.
They put a large portion of energy into defining meaningful verticals, and logics were built into the reporting tool, meaning that internal reporting was taken to new heights.

Strengthened compliance overview

A group with sales and purchase of goods from all over the world, including internal transactions, needed a compliance overview related to VAT handling and transfer pricing to support compliance assessment and review.
By analyzing those relevant transactions, it is now visible which ones stands out to further investigation and clarification.

Better navigation with focus on future cash flow

A CFO liked to improve her ability to navigate by changing the mindset of considering the past to focus on the future cash flow. By analyzing invoices including statistics on historically customer payment compliance, she got a tool to review budgets and support the decision-making process.

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