AFC Data & Analytics

AFC Data & Analytics

Automate manual processes and become more accurate

AFC Data & Analytics is all about transforming your data into the best decisions. Quickly and with a minimum of IT-footprint

AFC Data & Analytics is a platform for Digital transformation of operational processes using technology to dramatically reduce the cost or increase the efficiency of current operations. It is all about transforming your data into the best decisions

AFC Data & Analytics delivers prebuild business models for e.g., HR, Sales, logistics and much more

Pre-defined business models

With AFC Analytics you have the ability to dive deep into Sales, Production, HR and more, without sacrificing that there is only one truth

Project Analytics

Project Analytics is a process that encompasses the resources, procedures, and tools for the planning, monitoring, and controlling of all phases of the project lifecycle. This includes estimating, cost and schedule management, risk management, change management, earned value progressing, and forecasting.


HR Analytics are measurements used to determine the effectiveness and efficiency of HR policies. Metrics help compare different data points.

Order intake & Backlog of Order

Order intake is the measure of all offers for goods and services processed by a business within a given accounting period or financial quarter.


Backlog of Orders. It is also called just simply “Backlog” and refers to the quantity and money amount of the product which was ordered by a customer and are not shipped yet.

Key features of AFC Analytics

End-to-end model

End-to-end model

Combine operational data with financial data in order to add to the depth of the reporting and analytics possibilities

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Automate reporting

Automate reporting from Sales, Operations and HR

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Automatic reconciliation

Automatic reconciliation across financial and operational data

Build-in consistency

Ensure consistency in definitions and results

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Analytics, Forecast & Consolidation are the main areas of our expertise. Solitwork provide state-of-the art core services, built on Microsoft Azure technology. Click the area you want to read more about.

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