AFC ESG & Carbon Accounting

AFC ESG & Carbon Accounting

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Solitwork offer the ultimate solution to automate and collect ESG data effortlessly. Our product calculates KPIs and CO2e emissions while providing a full audit trail and drill-through capability for maximum transparency.

With our software, you can now report in meaningful dashboards, making sustainability reporting more accessible and more comfortable than ever before – even connected with finance reporting!

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AFC ESG & Carbon Accounting

Our approach

At Solitwork, we believe in the value of gaining control of the carbon footprint by using the data you already have available, i.e. the posted expenditures. Spend-based carbon accounting is quicker and less expensive, and it immediately helps you to get started and improve the accuracy of your CO2 reporting intelligently and gradually where it really matters.

In addition, an extensive number of emission factors based on the unit “money” is already publicly available and recognized to convert financial transactions into CO2. These factors cover not only several types of activities (e.g. electricity, heating, diesel fuel etc.), they also cover detailed geographical regions.

Furthermore, we put trust into the financial transactions as they are audited, and generated from controlled processes in the ERP systems. Moreover, based on our experience, the ESG reporting is quite often tied up in the finance departments, so from an organizational point of view it would often also make sense to anchor the sustainability reporting here.

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